IDS Connectivity

Connect your hotel with Internet Distribution Systems. Alternative use our next generation Channel Manager to save time & money.

In the most of the cases standard GDS/ IDS connectivity is enough to connect your hotel with all major internet travel portals powered by Pegasus, such as Expedia, Travelocity etc. But if your hotel has direct contracts with those distributors and you wouild like to update all prices & availability through one single interface, then our smart Channel Manager is the perfect tool to save time & money.

Basic Channel Manager Features

No more multiple logins, our smart Channel Manager lets you simultaneously update rates & availability online in real time, saving you hours of time and money.

Multilingual interface View.

Compare and update rates, minimum stay and allocation via single page.

Create and apply different rules and price lists for different channels.

Compare competitors / other hotels availability and rates online and via email in real time.

Achieve Rate parity between your different distributors through your hotel's central inventory.

Accessibile 24/7 worldwide through the web.

Click here to see the Channels we connext with. More channels and OTAs added every day.


To find out more about pricing and facts concerning our smart Channel Manager please contact our Sales Department at

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